Hyena portrait
Hyena Swine
Biographical information
Died 2010
Moreau's compound
Residence Beast man village
Base animals Hyaena
Other names Hyena
Status Deceased
Behind the scenes
Portrayed by Daniel Rigney
All appearances The Island of Dr. Moreau (1996)
Lost Soul: The Doomed Journey of Richard Stanley's Island of Dr. Moreau

The Hiena Swine is the primary antagonist of The Island of Dr. Moreau (1996). He is a mixture of hyaena, pig and human, who leads a rebellion against RGV Moreau. He is portrayed by late Australian actor Daniel Rigney.

Film biographyEdit

The Hyena Swine was with Lo-Mai when the latter was drinking from the stream, and is implied to have helped him kill the rabbits found nearby. He watches Edward Douglas and Aissa run through the forest. He returns to the village, and is there when Moreau comes for Douglas. He is one of the beast men injured by Moreau's pain amulet for approaching Douglas.

At Lo-Mai's trial, Hyena reacts with sadness to Moreau's naming of Lo-Mai as the rabbit killer, and at Azazello's killing of Lo-Mai. After the body is cremated, Hyena examines his friends bones, and discovers a small implant attached to a rib. He realises that this is how the pain amulet shocks the beast men, and manages to tear his out.

When the other beast folk are having injections to stop them from retrogressing, Hyena lingers around the clearing, attracting Montgomery's attention. He reveals his implant to Montgomery, then flees. He is pursued by a group of beast men under Montgomery's control, including Azazello, but manages to escape them and ally with a number of other beast folk, including a Boarman and a Bullman, who both kill rabbits to signify their loyalty.

Hyena and his allies burn the docks and the boats, and are approached by Azazello, who has stolen Montgomery's revolver. He shows them where to find more weapons, in exchange for his life.

Hyena soon captures the Sayer of the Law, and tries to force him into telling the beast folk to listen to Hyena. The Sayer refuses, so Hyena forces Douglas into proclaiming him a god. Douglas goads Hyena by proclaiming the Bullman and the Boarman gods, and Hyena guns them down, causing a shootout. M'Ling sets fire to the compound during the chaos.

Hyena is wounded in the crossfire, and is beaten by a gang of beast folk still loyal to Moreau. He attempts to flee into the burning compound, where a sheet of fire consumes him, presumably burning him to death, as the roof collapses in on him.


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